A quiet relaxing atmosphere awaits your small friend.

Ideal for the nervous type.

The outside hutches have their own space in the garden, and are not stacked on top of each other.

The Tunnels have 30 plus foot of exercise tubes and different places to hang out.  The top box is insulated and the hay hutch is full of hay.

Eglu's are on the flat which suit the oldies.

Limited Indoor accomodation is in the house or the insulated cabin.

 Early booking is advisable.


Hay unlimited.

Dried Grass and 

Pellets.  I can supply Burgess, Pets at Home, or Science Selective. You can supply your own if you prefer.

Fresh Veg/Fruit.

I don't have lots of guests stay at the same time, so each individual can have, one to one care and attention.

Cuddles and grooming for those that will miss it, or left to their own devices for the strong silent type.

House Keeping

Cleaned out daily.  Once a week scrub with disinfectant.